Jerry Stalls, Jr., P.E.

Jerry Stalls, Jr., P.E. Mr. Stalls’ experience includes both the technical and managerial aspects of geotechnical, materials, and hydrogeological engineering projects. His expertise includes design and analysis of shallow and deep foundation systems for various size buildings, bridges, roadways and earth retaining structures as well as pavement design and dredging analysis. Quality assurance and control experience includes field and laboratory testing of various construction materials (soil, concrete, masonry, sprayed on fireproofing, and intumescent paint), subgrade and foundation soil inspection, load transfer platforms with Geosynthetics, vibration monitoring analysis, and monitoring of test pile installation and load testing, bituminous asphaltic concrete pavement condition evaluations and analysis, as well as concrete compressive and flexural mix design analysis. Mr. Stalls is a Registered Professional Engineer in North Carolina and Virginia. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering Technology from Old Dominion University and has 22 years of geotechnical and materials engineering experience.

Jerry is a Principal Engineer and Office Manager in GET’s Elizabeth City office.