Historic Cavalier Hotel Rehablitation

Project Summary

GET Solutions, Inc. provided Construction Materials Testing for Special Inspections (Agent #2) for this project to preserve the 1927 Cavalier hotel’s historic elements. The hotel will feature restaurants, a spa and a distillery.

Our inspections services included replacing the concrete roof over the existing equipment room; replacing the majority of the lower level SOG and adding new column footings; constructing a new exterior retaining wall and access ramp; Adding an a partial elevated floor; adding multiple new steel columns and beams; and installing pre-cast Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS).

This project presented a number of structural and geotechnical engineering challenges. As high capacity driven concrete piles were installed to support the new parking garage structure, significant ground vibrations were generated. Comprehensive Pre/Post Construction Conditions Surveys along with Vibration and Crack Monitoring programs were implemented to aid in monitoring the structural integrity of the historic building and adjacent properties.