The staff of GET Solutions, Inc. a Terracon Company has over 250 years of combined local professional experience and knowledge regarding subsurface exploration requirements and materials testing and inspections. Based on our extensive local experience, we provide practical solutions which maximize design effectiveness and minimize construction costs and/or time delays.

Our local staff is eager to provide our services as well as the resources required to support project tasks in a timely fashion. The extensive technical experience and project management of GET Solutions, Inc. a Terracon Company personnel will enable us to perform our services in a responsive manner, and provide state-of-the-art geotechnical testing and inspection services.

  • Nine licensed professional engineers
  • Two licensed professional geologists
  • five project managers
  • five project geologists
  • One Registered Environmental Manager
  • One environmental project geologist
  • 31 ACI certified technicians (includes EIFS, VDOT, NCDOT, and post-tensioning certified staff)
  • 15 drillers
  • 11 lab techs
  • 6 certified welding inspectors
  • 17 office personnel