I-564 Intermodal Connector

Project Summary

The I-564 Intermodal Connector project in Norfolk, VA will connect the existing I-564 through Naval Station Norfolk (NSN) and to the Norfolk International Terminals (NIT), part of the Port of Virginia. The new roadway, to terminate near Hampton Boulevard (Route 337), will provide a safer high-speed highway that should decrease congestion, redirect heavy truck traffic from Norfolk city streets, and provide improved access for the 80,000 vehicles entering and exiting the navy base every day.

Project Scope
• Design and construction of a new 2.82-mile, four-lane limited access highway
• Construction of multiple new bridges and local connectors
• A reconfigured Commercial Vehicle Inspection Station (CVIS) for NSN
• Relocation of NSN Gate 6 (entry control point)
• Relocation of NSN’s Patrol Road
• Construction of new access road to the Virginia Port Authority’s North Gate Terminal